Firm Profile

The Law Office of William J. Fulton is a sole proprietorship in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is not a large or even a small law firm, but rather consists of one lawyer delivering old fashioned legal services using modern technology, advocacy skills and resources. With a concentration on criminal cases large and small and related civil proceedings, Fulton devotes personal attention to each case. His twenty four years experience as a criminal trial lawyer allows him to bring big case skills to even small cases. “Comparatively speaking, it may not be the most serious case in the world, but it’s the only one you have,” he tells clients, “so, I understand that to you, it’s the biggest case in the world.”

William J. Fulton’s caseload extends from defending motor vehicle violations to murder. He will not, however, accept capital cases. “As a sole practitioner, I cannot get involved in death penalty cases because the effort is too intense and it precludes paying the necessary attention to my other clients.” It includes representing children in juvenile court and adults facing summary, misdemeanor and felony charges in both state and federal court. The white collar areas of his practice have included environmental crimes, regulatory offenses, criminal tax cases, money laundering, asset forfeiture and even the successful defense of a client criminally charged with the unlicensed practice of law.

Fulton’s law office is located within 106 Walnut Law Offices at 106 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The office building is owned and maintained by a building management partnership formed by Fulton and Robert N. Tarman, former Chief Public Defender and prominent criminal lawyer who is his close friend and colleague of 24 years.